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Dolciaria La Fenice

Food and beverage
Reitano, Italia

Dolciaria La Fenice S.r.l. was established in July 1999. Since then, it has been producing typical Sicilian confectionery products of large consumption with artisanal method. The entrepreneurial initiative was born from the stubbornness of Mrs. Testagrossa who in nearby Mistretta sets herself the goal of making known the typical Sicilian confectionery delicacies outside the Sicilian borders. The desserts proposed have as common element the precious Sicilian almonds, and find their maximum expression in the production of “Almond pastes” and “Marzipan fruit”. Over the years, the range of products has been enriched with the production of artisanal, crunchy shortbreads and a line of pretzels for aperitifs. Success arises above all from the careful choice of raw materials used and from the high quality of the logistics that allows you to reach any destination in a few days.


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