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Creazioni Illuminanti

Furniture and homeware, Novelties
Pisa, Italy

Since the XVI century appeared the first “Luminaria” lights, at that time fed by oil, later by calcium carbide (acetylene). Creazionilluminanti is a handcrafting company found by the commitment of Maurizio Maraschio, who inherited his art of “Luminaria Maker” based on a tradition handed down from father to son over generations.

Creazionilluminanti, is not only about manufacturing impressive and majestic outdoor “Luminaria” lights, but it also produces high end design furnishing, setting up of shopping areas and factory showrooms or private homes as well as different kinds of events. It brought a breeze of freshness and innovation into environment that throughout many years has been associated only with Christmas and patronal festivities.

Small giftware, as well as wedding favors or any other ceremonial occasions, finely realized and full of unique details, are certainly a showpiece for this company.

“Do you want to stand out? Entrusted to the artisans of light!” Maurizio Maraschio

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