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Privacy Policy


(Legislative Decree no. 196 of 2003, as amended, also known as “Privacy Code”)


Why this notice?
This page describes the personal data management procedures used in this site to manage site users’ data.
The information on this page is provided, pursuant to Art.13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 – Personal Data Protection Code to all users of the Firenze Fiera S.p.A. web services accessible from the site www.mostrartigianato.it
which is the homepage of the corporate website of Firenze Fiera S.p.A.
The information provided herein applies only to the Firenze Fiera website (hereinafter “Site” or “The Site”) and not to any other web site the site users may access through links.
Please read thoroughly this Privacy Policy and take care to regularly check this page again in the future in order to be informed of any update or revision to said policy due to future technological or legislation changes.


Data controller
Viewing and interacting with this site may require processing of personal data belonging to identified or identifiable persons.
The data controller is Firenze Fiera S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Firenze Fiera”) based in Florence – Piazza Adua n. 1 Tax ID and VAT no.: 04933280481- E-mail: privacy@firenzefiera.it.


Location of actual data processing

The processing of data related to the web services provided by this Site is carried out at the above mentioned address of Firenze Fiera and it is entrusted exclusively to qualified technical staff specifically appointed to said processing. If necessary, said data may also be processed by the staff of the company appointed to technical/technological maintenance of the page.


Types of data


Navigation data
The computer systems and software procedures used to operate this website require acquisition, during normal operation, of some personal data, whose transmission is implicit in and required by the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected for the purpose of associating it to an identified user. However, due to its nature, this information might, if further processed and correlated with other data held by third parties, be used to identify users.
This category of data includes the IP addresses and/or domain names of the site users/visitor’s computers, URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) of requested resources, the time of request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of the reply from the server and other parameters regarding operating system and computer environment. This data is used only to obtain anonymous statistical information about the site and to make sure the site is operating and performing as intended. The data could also be used, as required by the laws in force, to identify people involved and potentially responsible in case any cyber crime is committed against the site.


Data provided voluntarily by the user
Users may, at his/her discretion provide their e-mail address and/or telephone number and/or other personal details when so required by some parts of the site or when filling out the form provided in the “Contact us” section. This implies that Firenze Fiera acquires such data, necessary for it to fulfil the requests made by the user; in other words, such data will be used for the sole purpose of satisfying the user’s request i.e. provide the service o answer. The user’s e-mail, telephone number or any other contact information will NOT be used to send the user third-party advertising or direct sale or interactive marketing communications materials unless the user has explicitly authorised said sending of promotional material. Please bear in mind that since Firenze Fiera may contact the user by either traditional means (i.e. mail and/or telephone calls) or the means provided for by art. 130 paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Privacy Code (e.g. voice broadcasting, e-mail, fax, MMS messages, SMS messages and so on) and the right to refuse and in general the rights described in art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 may also be exercised separately for one or more of the contact modes used.
Subsequent operations will be carried out by Firenze Fiera in full compliance with the laws and regulations in force and in compliance with Firenze Fiera’s internal data management procedures which are always fully aligned with and compliant to the laws in force. Firenze Fiera shall therefore refrain from exercising any commercial/advertising activity unless explicitly authorised by the users as specified above.


No personal user data is acquired from the site via cookies. We do not use cookies to transmit personal information, nor do we use any persistent cookies of any kind, or systems that can backtrack users. The use of session cookies (which are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to transmitting session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) to allow safe and efficient navigation of the site.
The Fiera Firenze website does not use cookies or similar technologies in order to collect and/or transmit user data. Firenze Fiera uses, if needed, these technologies in order to obtain statistics on the use of the Website (e.g.. the total number of hits, the number of visitors per single page, the origin domain name of each visitor’s Internet Service Provider).
Purpose of data collection and other useful information
Firenze Fiera will respond only to explicit requests submitted via the various communication channels available (for example: e-mail, fax, telephone, Firenze Fiera website forms) regardless of any relationship (including business relationships) it may have with the party requesting the information. The information submitted voluntarily by the user will also be used for the following purposes (and only after obtaining the explicit user’s consent where required): send information the users can find useful and answers to their requests; contact the user using the data freely and willingly provided by them; use the comments and remarks willingly entered by users filling out our forms as hints to improve Firenze Fiera services and the of our communications.
Please note that Firenze Fiera can and will enact marketing and information/promotional activities targeted at a given user, according to modalities decided by Firenze Fiera and/or third parties if and only if said user has explicitly agreed to them and gave his/her consent.
As regards statistical research and analyses, please note that the professionals appointed by Firenze Fiera with the task of carrying out surveys and market research operate under non-disclosure/confidentiality obligation (and more generally are required to comply with the mandatory standards relating to protection of personal data); they work on encrypted data and the data they send back to Firenze Fiera is fully anonymised, hence it is not possible to personally trace back or connect data to any individual whatsoever.


Use of personal data (in detail)

Firenze Fiera S.p.A.. uses Your personal data and information for the following purposes:
– answer questions, clarify doubts and so on;
– provide information related to subscription/membership to mailing lists, newsletters and so on, and, more generally, provide commercial information (user consent required);
– draft reports and fully anonymous statistics.
Your data will not be “disclosed”, meaning it will not be delivered or made available to an unknown natural or legal person by any means, including making said data viewable or in any case accessible for consultation.
Firenze Fiera will not provide, neither for free nor for a consideration the personal data of users of its website to third parties, except for the cases where this is authorised by the laws in force and only if the concerned party (the owner of said data) consents to it as detailed below.
To be precise, some or all the personal data collected may be shared with sponsors and/or commercial partners of Firenze Fiera, for example catering companies, travel and communications agencies, event organizers, technical/audio and visual/transport services providers, exhibition planning companies and so on, for the following purposes:

  •  for reasons strictly connected with Firenze Fiera’s operations as well as to guarantee provision of the required service;
  •  for sending commercial communications, promotion and advertising (by ordinary mail, telephone, voice broadcasting services, fax, e-mail, sms, mms), related to the services and/or products provided by the companies described above for the purpose of proposing Firenze Fiera users potentially useful and/or profitable offers.

Firenze Fiera will require Your specific consent for the communication of Your personal data to the above described categories of companies/service providers and specifically for each one of the above purposes.
Firenze Fiera also manages the information gained through its website in partnership with service providers and web agencies, from which it may receive personal information about users. These on-line partnerships are regulated by contracts that require an adequate level of protection of the personal data processed.


Personal data protection

In compliance with the principle set forth in art. 3 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, Firenze Fiera guarantees that data processing via electronic instruments shall be carried out by reducing to the bare minimum the use of personal data and identification data, restricting their use to cases where it is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.
Firenze Fiera also ensures the adoption of and compliance with specific security measures to prevent loss of data, possible illegal or improper use of data and unauthorized access. User data will be stored (even with the help of outsourced third-party staff) by Firenze Fiera until the data owner requests data to be deleted.
Firenze Fiera shall take all technical and organizational measures, taking into account also the technical expertise and knowledge acquired alongside with the technological advancements suitable to guarantee integrity and safety of information and personal data collected on the site and processed by Firenze Fiera. However, it is impossible to guarantee full protection of any data transmitted over the Internet; therefore, even if Firenze Fiera makes every effort to protect personal data of users, we cannot ensure or guarantee that the information You send to us or that come from our on-line service will be completely safe; data transmission, therefore, is at the user’s own risk, without prejudice to the fact that up-to-date and fully functional data protection policies are developed and used.


The Firenze Fiera S.p.A. policy on protection of minors

The safety of minors is, of course, of utmost importance to Firenze Fiera. The consent to processing of personal data of minors aged under 18 should, in any case, be formally given by their parents or the person exercising parental authority. Children should always ask their parents’ permission before sending their data to Firenze Fiera or to any other site or person online; our Site does not allow minors to register. In any case, should the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 believe that the child has provided us with personal information, he/she should contact us to have said data deleted from our files. If Firenze Fiera finds out that it is holding personal data of a child under the age of 18 it will immediately delete said data from the existing files. Although Firenze Fiera is seriously committed to carry out all necessary checks and inspections, we shall be held harmless from any liability and/or claim resulting from any false data provided by users. In summary, please note that all children under 18 must receive proper authorization from their parents or guardians prior to use or disclose their personal data on any website of any type.
Caution!!! Please remember that by entering personal information online (for example on message boards, in instant messaging application or in e-mails) You are basically making that information available for collection and use by others; once a person puts any information or image (personal and/or of another person) online, said information or content becomes accessible to the public and the person concerned may, as a result of that, receive unsolicited messages from third parties.


Confidentiality and responsibility are always necessary

When You are online, only You are responsible of keeping Your password and/or any registration data or confidential information safe and secret. Be careful when you are online. Please remember that, once a user has registered on our site, that user is fully are responsible of any data or information freely entered or otherwise provided while using our site.


Changes to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be revised and/or modified for various reasons including, but not limited to, implementing and/or national, EU or international rules and regulations, harmonising national legislation with EU or international laws or adapt the Site to changes in technology. All these changes will be incorporated in this web page and can be viewed through the hyperlink in the Firenze Fiera institutional Site so that users will always have the most updated information.


Providing us with Your personal data is fully optional

Apart from navigation data (see above), the user is free to choose whether to provide or not personal data to receive promotional and information materials, notices and answers to requests.


Data processing modes

Personal data are processed by automated tools for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected. Specific security measures are adopted to prevent loss of data, possible illegal or improper use of data and unauthorized access. Firenze Fiera only collects the personal information and data provided by the user. These details may be necessary to provide the services required and/or to contact the person concerned (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, other data provided voluntarily by the user). For further detail please refer to the information note in the privacy section of the “Contact us” area. Moreover, the computer systems and software procedures used to operate the Firenze Fiera website acquire, during normal operation, a set of personal data whose transmission is implicit in and required by the use of Internet communication protocols.


Rights of concerned parties

The owners of personal data being processed can, in any moment, exercise the rights contained in Art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, which we have reproduced in full below.
“Art. 7. Right to access to personal data and similar rights
1. The data subject has the right to obtain acknowledgment of the existence of any personal data regarding him/her, even if such data has not yet been recorded, and to have these data supplied to him/her in an understandable form.
3. The data subject has also the right to obtain information on:
a) the source of said data;
b) purposes and methods of data processing;
c) the logics used in case processing is carried out with computer or electronic means;
d) the identifying data of the controller, the processor(s) and their representative appointed pursuant to article 5, par. 2;
d) the subjects or categories of subjects which may have access or receive said data in their capacity of Government representatives, data controllers or agents.
2. The data subject has also the right to obtain:
a) update, correction and, should the user require it, integration of data;
b) deletion, processing aimed at rendering such data anonymous or blocking of all data that violates laws currently in force, including these data whose storage is not required by the purposes they have been collected and/or processed for;
c) certification that all operations described under points a) and b) have been actually carried out, as well as their content, have been made known to the people to whom the aforesaid data has been delivered or circulated to, except for such cases in which said operation is impossible to carry out or requires an effort explicitly out of proportion with the right being protected.
4. The data subject has the right to oppose, fully or partly, to:
a) processing of his/her personal data for legitimate reasons, even if such processing is relevant to the purposes the data have been collected for;
b) processing of personal data about him/her for the purposes of sending him/her advertising or direct sale material or for the purposes of carrying out market researches or business communications.”
To exercise his/her rights under art. 7 of the Privacy Code the data subject shall make a written request to Firenze Fiera S.p.A., based in Florence – Piazza Adua n. 1 – E-mail: privacy@firenzefiera.it – Fax: +39 055 497 3237 by registered mail with return receipt, fax, or e-mail.


Rights, Guarantees and Exemption from liability of Firenze Fiera S.p.A.

(a) Firenze Fiera may use third parties to create and manage the site as well as for any other activity that may be carried out as part of the project for which the site has been developed.
(b) The Site may contain links to the websites of other organizations, individuals and/or companies. It is understood that Firenze Fiera has no control over the links to other websites and the content thereof and therefore cannot be held responsible for their availability, their content, products and services offered and not even for any damage or loss caused by said links and contents. Firenze Fiera is not, however, responsible for the methods and purposes of collection and processing of personal data by the holders of such sites.
(c) Firenze Fiera reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to:
i. make changes, even substantial ones, to the current conditions of use, and inform the User by posting information on said changes on the Site. By accessing the site after the change the user completely accepts the new conditions of use;
ii. remove materials and information of any kind and type, sent or posted on the Site by the User, as specified in point (d);
iii. interrupt and/or suspend the availability of the Site at any time and without notice.
(d) In addition to the above Firenze Fiera may, at its discretion, remove from the Site any element that are deemed unsuitable or not compliant with the needs and requirements of Firenze Fiera or the spirit of the project and/or counterproductive to the purpose of our site, or that contain violation of any type of law, rule or regulation as well as any content regarded as offensive or detrimental to: intellectual and industrial property rights, confidentiality of corporate data, image or reputation of third parties and also any content classified as spam or racist or that contain personal data not compliant with the privacy policy.
(e) Without prejudice to the aforesaid, Firenze Fiera shall not be held liable for any interruption and/or suspension of access or availability to the Site and/or of the supplied service and/or any other limitation of the usability of every part of the site due to technical problems, either its own and/or of third parties caused by factors or circumstances beyond its control.
(f) Firenze Fiera hereby disowns any representation and guarantee on the above issues including, but not limited to, any declaration of the site’s suitability for a given purpose. Moreover Firenze Fiera does not represent or warrant that the information made available through the site is free of errors, or that the site or any part of it are complete and/or updated.
(g) Unless otherwise expressly indicated on the site, neither Firenze Fiera nor any of its managers, employees or other representatives shall be liable for any damage and/or loss and/or malfunction and/or prejudice of any kind the user may suffer as a result of using the site, including any contamination and/or malfunctioning of the computer system of the user as a result of the access, interconnection and downloading of material and computer programs from the site. This limitation of liability applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct or indirect damage, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties.


Intellectual Property

(a) The site is protected by current legislation on copyright and intellectual property protection.
(b) Without prejudice to the aforesaid, unless otherwise expressly indicated on the site, the site as a whole as well as all rights, including intellectual and industrial property right related to distinctive signs like brands, texts, images, fonts, sounds, artwork, graphics, software (including source codes) and other elements contained in the site, but not published to or entered by the user, are either property of Firenze Fiera or used under authorisation by the data owner.Firenze Fiera, or the data owner, shall retain all rights (including copyrights and trademark rights and any other industrial property right) in relationship with all information provided on or through the site (including all text, images and sound).
(c) The user is expressly forbidden to copy, modify or otherwise acquire, publish, broadcast, transmit or otherwise make available, even partially and/or as a result of amendments, for himself or for third parties, any information published on the site, except in cases where that is expressly provided for in the Site or upon written permission of Firenze Fiera.


Applicable law
(a) Use and viewing of the Site are regulated by these Terms of Use. Acceptance of these terms by the user constitutes an agreement between the user and Firenze Fiera. For anything not explicitly described in these terms of use, please refer to the applicable provisions of the Italian law.
(b) The Court of Florence, Italy, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute related and/or connected to the site or the use thereof.


General provisions
(a) Should any provision in these terms of use be or become illegal, invalid, ineffective and/or unenforceable as a result of current laws or laws coming into force during the time these terms of use are in force such provision will be construed as if it had never been part of these terms of use; the remaining provisions will continue to have full force and effect without being impaired by the illegal, invalid, ineffective and/or unenforceable provision.
(b) For any information or communication relating to the site and the services offered through it, please contact Firenze Fiera at the following address:

Firenze Fiera, based in Florence – Piazza Adua n. 1 – or by e-mail: info@firenzefiera.it or privacy@firenzefiera.it for further information about the personal data protection law.

Download the Privacy policy

Download the privacy policy “Personal Data Protection Code”


Last update of this edition: December 2016