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Criscenti. Artigiani del Gusto

Food and beverage
Bronte, Italia

Criscenti, laboratory of sweetness, was born in 2021 on the western slopes of Etna in the Sicilian town of Bronte, home of the famous green Pistachio of Bronte D.O.P., produced by the unique organoleptic properties. Pistachio, the main ingredient of many Criscenti products, gives a variety of aromas with unique and particular flavors. The laboratory exploits the raw materials of the Sicilian territory by placing at the base of many bakery products the yeast, in dialect “U Criscenti”. The long leavenings (up to 36 hours) allow to obtain light products, with a balanced taste and easily digestible. Quality control is exercised at every stage of production to protect an ancient process that guarantees a good and healthy product to bring on your tables

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