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Eva Zuccolo

Tailoring and accessories, Artistic craftsmanship and unique pieces
San Donà di Piave, Italia

Eva Zuccolo’s creations are an ode to the freedom of expression and communication. Eva offers something unique and really original to add to your wardrobe. A bag transformed into a piece of art, painted and decorated by hand with professionalism and skill drawing inspiration from his paintings, to be used in everyday life or on special occasions where you want to add a touch of good humor, joy and originality to your look.
What are you waiting for? Finally let yourself be overwhelmed by a colorful emotion to wear with ease and class.
Eva’s creations are unique pieces that are never the same, creating an “other” elegance that will not go unnoticed.

Where to find us

via L. dal Moro, 25 - 30021 Caorle (VE) Italia

Ph: 3357739417

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