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Filippo Rossi

Artistic craftsmanship and unique pieces
Scandicci (FI), Italia

Filippo Rossi has been exhibiting his work since 1992 and he has been exploring also the themes of Christian sacred art for over 15 years. After training in the life drawing school at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he graduated in Art History from the University of Florence. Since 1997 he is Professor at the Stanford University Centre for Overseas Studies in Florence. He also collaborates with the Art historian Timothy Verdon. In 2018 he created the brand MAGNIFICE that contains all his artistic production. Thanks to a long period of research in which he experimented with materials made chemically such as foams and extruded polystyrene, he also recovered the use of natural products such as paper, jute canvas, wood, often managing to create real ‘abstract icons’. What he is looking for is a request to stop in front of the image, so that the work, with a deeper reading, also acquires a further sense, creating an intimate conversation with the creator.
His works are conserved in museums and collections both in Italy and abroad.


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