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HIMA/CICE – Collezione cristalleria

International craftsmanship
Teheran, Iran

The art of glass is one of the most ancient in the history of mankind, dating back to 2500-3000 b.C. and originating in Egypt. Even in Iran, glass production has a long history and was often used in the first phase of the production of objects and simple tools. In Teheran, there are many glass processing workshops, as well as in other cities like Isfahan, Meymand Fars and Tabriz. Workshops are located in buildings with high ceilings and large windows, planned in such a way that hot air flows out of the working furnace, thus balancing the air circulation inside.

Arman Rakhsh Ghazal – HIMA (Hima Handicraft Holding) is the institution representing Iranian traditional arts and crafts in co-operation with CICE – Centro Italo Iraniano di Cooperazione Culturale ed Economica (Italian-Iranian Centre of Cultural and Economic Co-Operation), supporting and enhancing local artisans operating in the various product categories.

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