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HIMA/CICE – Collezione turchese

International craftsmanship
Teheran, Iran

Turquoise is obtained by placing small pieces of the homonymous stone as a mosaic on the surface of containers, ornaments, and decorative objects with copper and brass bases, and with a dark lacquer finishing between the elements. The meticulousness needed to create each product, and thus its artistic value, varies according to the size and distance between the stone chips. This tradition originated in the city of Isfahan and, just like many ancient Iranian arts, is linked with the production of luxury objects.

Arman Rakhsh Ghazal – HIMA (Hima Handicraft Holding) is the institution representing Iranian traditional arts and crafts in co-operation with CICE – Centro Italo Iraniano di Cooperazione Culturale ed Economica (Italian-Iranian Centre of Cultural and Economic Co-Operation), supporting and enhancing local artisans operating in the various product categories.

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