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I Pasticceri dell’Etna

Food and beverage
Zafferana Etnea (CT), Italia

Small artisan laboratory of confectionery products, born on the slopes of Etna from the passion for the traditional tastes of the Sicilian land. It all started in a special way: clichés teach us that children are passionate about their parents’ work, but in this case it was Angelo, the son, driven by an innate passion and predisposition for pastry, who convinced his parents to undertake something new. The beginnings are never easy, but after an initial period of adjustment, a lot of courage and stubbornness have led the family to establish itself with its own business, not only in Sicily. Pasticceri dell’Etna’s products derive from the best local raw materials and the simplicity of the Sicilian tradition. Like “Voglie di The”, a dessert that embodies the typicality, goodness and quality of Sicilian products, but also almond pastries, Sicilian scented jam, pistachio cakes, liqueur wines and much more. The small company always aims at innovation to amaze customers, but remains faithful to tradition and quality.


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