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Laboratorio Lunamante

Goldsmithing, fine and custom jewellery
Sanremo (IM), Italia

Laboratorio Lunamante creates unique pieces specially designed on customer’s commission, aimed at satisfying the desire to own a jewel like no other. The atelier also creates self-produced and limited edition collections, the result of personal research and uncontaminated creative flair. The official certifications accompanying the products testify to their construction techniques and uniqueness. Suspended in an unreal atmosphere, Laboratorio Lunamante’s atelier is a place where the slow progress of craftsmanship concretizes ideas and dreams that draw from different art forms, from poetry to music, from painting to theatre.


Where to find us

Via Palazzo, 48 - 18038 Sanremo (IM) Italia

Ph: +39 0184 530000

Vicolo Forno, 8 - 18010 Montalto Ligure (IM) Italia

Ph: +39 3472906180

Via V. Gioberti, 5 - 18038 Sanremo (IM) Italia

Ph: +39 0184 844606