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Firenze, Italia

LAFENICESTUDIO is a studio specializing in persuasive advertising, marketing and strategic consulting.
Through the construction of a correct corporate image, a tailor-made strategy and the integration of all printed and digital media, LAFENICESTUDIO helps companies to achieve a strong and correct positioning of the brand to increase awareness and sales.

LAFENICESTUDIO addresses both B2B, with particular attention to the world of industries, with the development of sites, print advertising dedicated to specific businesses and stand installations, and B2C, developing for the sectors of food, jewelry, aesthetics, wellness and clothing, online advertising products, packaging and strategies aimed at product growth.

The main feature is to offer a highly customized and personalized service, where the idea and the graphic technique combined with text communication makes each advertising UNIQUE, so as to allow the medium and small business to stand out from the competirors and increase its turnover in a short time.


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