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Food and beverage
Pachino (SR), Italia

Landed in Pachino for an holiday, they fell in love with the town and its tomatoes, deciding to open a laboratory. To the hand peeled tomatoes of Marinda and Pixel and to the natural tomato sauces they added an innovative product: the Marinda and Datterino tomato waters, usable in cocktails, in the kitchen and in leavened products, as well as conservation method because it allows to maintain the flavor and aroma of the tomatoes. Then the Tomato Water, the Giarratana Onion Water and the “StarDust” line (tomato powders, capers, oranges, lemon, beetroot, wild fennel) were born. The last segment is a real delight: Candied Datterino Tomatoes, Peppers, Olives, Capers and Cucunci which are used both in the kitchen and in pastry.

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