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Simone Vera Bath SVB – Jewellery

Goldsmithing, fine and custom jewellery, Design
Roma, Italia

Simone Vera Bath design and work with a mix of material gold, silver, bronze diamonds, precious stones that match with, leather, wood, semi-precious stones. Entirely handmade .

SVB specially loves rings, always protagonists in her creations in a variety of designs. Her interest is actually focused upon hands and what they can express in body language, sometimes unconsciously. Far more than simple ornaments, rings become often part of the message that hands communicate. They can be used to assert power or status, but also love or fear for the unknown when they are worn as talismans. Also the shape is something that SVB deals with from unconventional point of views. Rings that are not circular but rather squared,triangels or other unusual forms. SVB crafted with a special smearing technique that intentionally leaves it as unfinished, even though actually finished and accomplished in their design. It’s the idea that imperfections make the object unique, never exactly replicable. In SVB’s concept, minimalism can be trascended going beyond the perfectly polished surfaces and the defectless finishings. The result is an object that has a lived-in appearance but also a contemporary, edgy design. The mythology is always present in SVB’s work because related to the topos of the Amazon woman, strong, independent and in free relationship with nature.
Her personal approach to creativity in which inspiration is linked to the spiritual positive forces ruling over the universe.

Where to find us

Via Pomponio Leto 3 - 00193 Roma Italia

Ph: 347 7516004

Via della Moscova, 27 - 20121 Milano Italy


Via degli Artificieri, 15 - 00143 Roma Italy


Via alessandria 35/a - 00198 Roma Italy


Via Fratelli Calandra, 7/d - 10123 Torino Italy


Via Agostino Fossati, 5 - 19121 Trieste Italy


- Berlin Germany


- La Spezia Italy


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