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Woo Class Atelier

Artistic craftsmanship and unique pieces
Firenze, Italia

Since 2004, Woo Class Atelier has designed and produced eyewear in natural wood, completely handmade in Italy – a unique and genuine product.
The focus of their project is to create comfortable eyewear, fitting the style and personality of each client, and following sustainability principles. The lines and finishing of each product are highly customizable with briarwood and other precious types of wood. Woo Class Atelier has been specialised in making tailor-made glasses – the so-called sartorial eyewear – for over 5 years, working closely with the client.
Make sure you make an impression not because you wear an eyeglass frame, but a real style object!


Where to find us

Via dell’Orto 23 rosso - 50124 Firenze Italia

Ph: 0039 0550517397