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Zefiro Jewels

Goldsmithing, fine and custom jewellery
München, Germania

Zefiro Jewels. Made to celebrate Life.
The brand takes its name from the Greek God “Zephyr” – the warm West wind that brings us the Spring. It symbolizes renewal and change, the cyclical progression of life.
With Zefiro Jewels, Annette Schreyer, a professional photographer, shares her love for life after a conquered illness. Creating jewelry thus becomes a new way to cherish the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Together with Michela Papalia, her business partner, they opened a new chapter: each jewel contains and reveals a part of their journey, a story that winds between Annette’s Germany and Michela’s country, Italy. Through the technique of the Lost Wax, Zefiro takes shape in bronze and silver, inspired by Nature and by the atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

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Via di Ripetta, 16 - 00186 Roma Italia

Ph: +39 3493906643

Nibelungenstr. 4 D - 80639 München Germany


Via Garibaldi, 210 - 95121 Catania Italy

Ph: +39 3389564803