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ZOOM BAGS Trolley – MYO Ecobags

Tailoring and accessories, Design
Pontassieve (FI), Italia

ZOOM BAGS is an Italian luggage brand based on two patents by Chiara Caramelli, whose travel bags are created for contemporary travellers. ZOOM BAGS luggage is designed with focus on space saving when stored at home after use. ZOOM BAGS uses recycled materials to create high quality products, environmental friendly and sustainable, designed with unique style, attention to details and functionality. ZOOM BAGS cares about the environment and the Earth we all love to explore and travel around, with our suitcase in hand. POP-UP is the first Zoom Bags product, a soft trolley with 2 wheels, Cabine size and Made in Italy in 60% recycled rubber, lightweight, unbreakable, customizable thanks to color options of some components, suitable for the travellers who want to stand out, lovers of Made in Italy design.


MYO Mine Yours Ours, is the concept of the brand: mine yours is the world and the environment of which we must take care, in respect of people and animals. MYO is contemporary: it creates eco-sustainable products using recycled materials, recyclable and recovered from post-production, which give uniqueness to the product by developing a circular economy. MYO is Made in Italy: design, research and artisan production. Borned in 2018, it produces bags, backpacks and accessories 100% eco-friendly and cruelty-free, using mainly washable paper made of FSC certified cellulose fiber with handles in recycling cotton, aluminum for buckles. Care of details and functional and colorful design, MYO accessories are organized, practical and versatile, adapt to every use, work and leisure. Bags, backpacks and accessories with a clean face and an ethical heart.

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Via dell'Argomenna 28 - 50065 Pontassieve (FI) Italia

Ph: 3534381999 / 3294920968

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