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Furniture and homeware
Finale Ligure (SV), Italia

The Marmolove® products are designed and manufactured in Italy, in their Finale Ligure laboratory, where all production phases are followed step by step, right from the choice of the finest materials from the quarries of Massa Carrara and Lavagna. Marmolove® passes on its passion for craftsmanship and love for materials, which are capable of awakening precious emotions. Marmolove® transforms traditional everyday objects into special design items, constantly looking for novelties to surprise, and handing down a know-how which has millenary roots in Italian culture and tradition. Marmolove® is the result of four generations of experience and dedication: “we only produce what we love” is their motto.

TA-DAAN selection at MIDA 2021.

Where to find us

Corso Cavour, 150 - 06121 Perugia (PG) Italia

Ph: +39 0759663302

Via Nazario Sauro, 35a - 43121 Parma (PR) Italia

Ph: +39 3393262985

Via Aurelia, 270 - 17025 Loano (SV) Italia

Ph: +39 019673672

Via Bolzano, 6 - 38015 Lavis (TN) Italia

Ph: +39 0461871600

Via dell'Artigianato, 1c -