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Peromatto Stamperia d’Arte Tessile

Artistic craftsmanship and unique pieces
Santa Sofia (FC), Italia

Peromatto is a textile print shop with its roots in the artisan tradition of Romagna, with innovative branches and in harmony with the natural world. Handprinting on canvas with the rust colour is an ancient printing technique. It involves the use of engraved wooden blocks, which after being soaked in the natural colour composed of vinegar, flour and iron rust, are hand-beaten with the heavy mallet on the canvas. Every gesture has been repeated like this for hundreds of years. Peromatto develops the characteristics of this intrinsically slow and ecological craftsmanship in a particular way, for example by using only natural colours and yarns, and manual skills as a tool, which takes the right time for the creations to be made artfully.

TA-DAAN selection at MIDA 2021.

Where to find us

Viale Roma 3 - 47018 Santa Sofia (FC) Italia

Ph: +393917359522