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Radice Quadra

Furniture and homeware
Udine, Italia

Radice Quadra is an artisan workshop producing prototypes for daily use objects, built on the ratio derived from the square roots of 2 and 5 and from the golden ratio 1,618. A designerof daily use objects, Remigio Urbani combined his passion for wood with his architecture studies in Venice and worked out a synthesis creating unique pieces –from the choice of wood directly in the woods to the most daring colour combinations – consistent with his research for formal purity. Inspiration comes from ancient times, as in the “classic” series (amphorae, pyxides, stamnoi), or in the mythological figures (Andromeda and Perseus, Hector ad Achilles, Charon), but also from modern art, such as the futuristic references, or from works of great masters such as Malevič, Magritte, Carrà and Morandi.

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