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Artistic craftsmanship and unique pieces
Roma, Italia

RoMaRestauro is a family-run artisan company operating in the field of artistic craftsmanship, founded in 1926 and handed down from father to son for four generations. Initially born as a laboratory of artistic restoration, it evolved in the 70s thanks to the skills and experience acquired, increasing its commercial offer with products and services of cabinet-making and high carpentry. In 2012 it obtained the recognition of “Historical Workshop of Excellence” from the Municipality of Rome. Today the company is engaged in a path of digital revolution, with the aim of bringing together traditional craftsmanship with innovative tools and modern and avant-garde production methods, with the aim of transforming itself from a Renaissance workshop into a laboratory of the third millennium.

Where to find us

Via di Gesù e Maria, 24 - 00187 Roma Italia

Ph: +39 063614198, +39 3386816373